Before Purchasing a Security Camera, Read a Zmodo Camera Review

zmodo camera review Security cameras are no longer just for the wealthy. Many people are installing security cameras in and around their home so they can keep an eye on it while they’re away, see who’s coming when they’re home and ensure their family is as secure as possible. When purchasing a security system, a person needs to be sure they’re purchasing the best they can afford. There are inexpensive setups available, especially if the person only needs a few cameras, but quality is still going to be important.

Overview of Zmodo Cameras

This company offers a variety of options to fit any homeowner’s budget. They have an inexpensive two camera pack as well as full home systems. They offer IP cameras as well as hardwired systems so the homeowner can work within their budget and their needs to find the right solution. Their cameras are meant for indoor and outdoor use and they may be installed by the homeowner if they prefer to do everything on their own. The systems they offer can be viewed online or locally to ensure the homeowner can view their cameras wherever it’s convenient.

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Individual IP Zmodo Security Cameras

zmodo camera systemThe zmodo wireless camera that does not come with a system can be purchased in pairs. They include a 720p color image sensor and a 306mm wide viewing angle. They can be used alone or integrated into an existing system to ensure there are enough cameras around the home. The cameras also include night vision up to 80ft and can operate between 14 degrees Fahrenheit and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. They are weatherproof and can be placed indoors or outdoors, depending on the needs of the homeowner. If multiple cameras are purchased, the software to view them will show up to eight cameras at one time.

A Full System of Cameras

For homeowners who want a group of cameras and a way to record the video, there are systems available. The zmodo camera system includes multiple cameras that can be hardwired into the home and a DVR to allow recording of the cameras. The recording can be done manually, according to a schedule, or when triggered by motion. The amount of time the camera records when motion is detected can be adjusted to suit the homeowner’s needs. Like the individual cameras, the zmodo surveillance system includes waterproof cameras that can be placed indoors or outdoors. Microphones can also be added to the system to record audio and additional cameras can be added to increase the number of cameras in the home.

Viewing the Cameras Locally

zmodo cameraWhen the person has a DVR to record the video from the camera, they can set it to record based on their own specifications, either timed or by motion. The motion detector’s sensitivity can be turned down so a pet’s movement will not be detected, but a person breaking into the home will still set off the motion detector and cause the camera to start recording. The internet is not required to view the cameras locally and the videos can be backed up through USB to a flash drive or an external CD recorder.

Viewing the Cameras Online, Wherever

The cameras can also be viewed wirelessly wherever the homeowner is. This will require the internet and can take a little bit to set up. Once it is set up, the homeowner will be able to view it wherever they are without having to turn on the DVR in their home. The company offers special software to make viewing the cameras easy. This software has the ability to show up to eight cameras with one screen. Apps are available for many smartphones, tablets and for personal computers to make the ease of access convenient for the homeowner.

User Reviews

zmodo surveillance systemUsers have overall enjoyed the cameras and love the quality. They do find the cameras easy to setup and easy to use locally or wirelessly. They also enjoy the night vision and many people have used the cameras to see what critters are hanging out around the house at night.

According to a zmodo camera review, some of the reasons users were disappointed were the lack of support for Mac computers, fixed view on cameras, difficulty seeing people clearly far away and the need to purchase a separate microphone to record audio. Overall, most people were incredibly pleased with their purchase and many purchased additional cameras to ensure they could monitor all of their home.

The zmodo security cameras are definitely a contender to consider when a person is looking to purchase a security system. They can purchase as few or as many cameras as they need and can purchase an entire system if they prefer having a DVR to record their home. They offer quite a few benefits, including an easy to view mobile monitoring software, and they’re considered easy to setup so anyone can purchase and install the camera system to secure their home.

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