Why Solar Walkway Outdoor Lights Are So Appealing

solar light outdoorThe following are some of the main advantages that solar walkway lights have over regular lights powered by electricity.

For many homeowners, how the outdoor part of their property looks is just as important to them as how the inside of their house looks. And although the walkways, gardens and home look fabulous during the day time, there isn’t much to see at night.

There are many reasons why you need to have outdoor lights. For homeowners and real estate agents selling homes, the curb appeal of a house at night could be a major contributing factor to helping a home sell at a good price. Curb appeal refers to the impression that a property provides to individuals viewing it from the outside. When a house has curb appeal, it makes people curious and they want to see what the inside of the home looks like.

There are safety issues that need to be considered as well. You need to have some light to be able to find your way around if you are walking your dog or just walking around your property. Lights can also discourage trespassers from attempting to break into your house and make them more visible.

Of course, you would like your property to have a nice appearance even if you aren’t trying to sell your house. That is particularly true if you are wanting to impress your neighbors and house guests. If your guests have to stumble around in darkness trying to find your front door, it is a lot less impressive.

For many homeowners, using outdoor solar flood lights is the best solution for illuminating the outdoors. Solar walkway lights can be used to help guide people to your front door. In addition, having a solar porch light provides good illumination for those times when you and others gather on your porch.

There are even solar driveway lights that can be used to help you know right where you need to turn into the driveway from the street. Also, when you are biking after dark, those lights can be very helpful. Some of those types of lights can also be used in marinas as solar dock light to help boat owners find their way to their docks.

The following are some of the main reasons why the the best option is outdoor solar lights:

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Extended Electrical Wires Are Not Needed

outdoor lightsHow outdoor lights are powered is often problematic. Since they are intended to be used outdoors, you will need lots of wire extensions if you are planning to plug them in.

Several problems can develop as a result of this. For one thing, the wires might be tripped over, so they are a safety hazard. Also, when the wires get disturbed, the lights might go dark. The connections are not waterproof, so that can’t be left on overnight since it could rain.

Aesthetics need to be considered as well. With all of those wires crisscrossing everywhere, they don’t look very nice. That is counterproductive with the goal you have of improving the looks of your property.

They Consume Very Little Energy

Solar lights save a lot of energy, since sunlight is basically free energy. Your utility bills do not get run up, and you also don’t need to keep purchasing batteries if you’d like to avoid having tons of wires everywhere.

Some of the energy savings also comes from using LED lights. This type of light doesn’t use much power, however they can still be quite bright. You can see these lights from very far away, and they can even provide enough light on the porch for you to read a good book from.

You will of course want to place the solar panel in a spot where the sun will directly shine on it throughout the day.

During The Day They Are Inconspicuous

Although some lights have a great appearance, most functional lights during the day don’t have much decorative value. They are good at making the object that they illuminate look great, however when it comes to aesthetic design, the lights are not exactly elegant.

You basically have two options to choose from. You can either choose lights that are small enough enough so that when they are turned off they are inconspicuous, or find solar lights that still look good during the day.

You Can Automate Them

solar walkway lightsIt isn’t necessary with most solar lights for you to go out and turn them on each night and then turn them off in the morning. That can get to be quite tedious. What is really needed are lights that turn on by themselves.

A majority of solar lights come with sensors, which enables them to tell when it gets dark so that the lights are automatically activated. You will want to put these lights in a place away from the house windows and street lights, because light shining on them might fool them into sensing it is daylight still.

There are also a few solar lights sophisticated enough that they offer only dim light when nobody is around. They come with motion detectors that are able to sense when somebody is nearby. When they are, the light is turned onto bright mode. That saves on power since the lights only are bright when somebody needs to be able to get around. These lights can be used for safety purposes as well, so that you can tell when someone is around your house.

Installation Requirements

solar outdoor walkway lightsOutdoor solar lights in some cases get staked to the ground. Although that can be helpful for walkways, they don’t do a lot of good for porches. You need to be able to hang a light high up in those situations.

Many different solutions are available for this. However, there are some solar lights that can be stuck to any surface, like on a wooden door, glass window or stone wall. Tools aren’t even needed to put them where you want to.

Outdoor Use

You also need to have a unit that is capable of withstanding all of the rigors of being used outdoors. A weatherproof unit is needed that can function properly even when it is raining quite frequently. You also need to have a unit that will not melt or malfunction during the heat of the summer.

When all of the above requirements are met, you can be assured of getting full value out of your outdoor solar lights. Your house will look fantastic, your expenses are kept down and everyone is kept safe.

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