A Full Snug Wifi Baby Monitor Review for Smatphones

snug baby monitorA baby monitor is a necessity when someone is bringing home their new bundle of joy. This apparatus helps parents track their baby via video to make sure they are not in any type of distress in their crib or bassinet when there is no one in the room. Older baby monitors consisted of an audio system only. With technology, not only is there an image of the baby to observe, but it can now be done via smart phone or tablet rather than just a stationary monitor. This Snug Wifi Baby Monitor Review will show why this model is one to consider when purchasing a baby monitor.

The Snug Wifi Baby Monitor is one that surpasses many other monitors on the market. This monitor is one of the best rated baby monitors out there today, making it one to definitely check out. There are several features that make it stand out from some of the other models available. Here are some of the main points people consider when looking for the best baby video monitor for their situation.

Snug Wifi Baby Monitor Easy Of Use

If something works without a lot of effort, it becomes more desirable. The Snug Wifi Baby Monitor boasts a relatively easy to use product. First the buyer will need to download an application from an Android or iPhone marketplace through their cell phone. The setup is self explanatory and will ask for a code number located on the bottom of the camera. A password will also need to be set up so the image will be displayed upon the phone. After this, the camera can be placed in a location in the baby’s room so it is facing toward the crib or bassinet. The application just needs to be opened on the cell phone or tablet for viewing to begin. It can be programmed to turn on when sound is transmitted through the baby monitor, allowing the Wifi device to retain its battery life.

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Snug Wifi Baby Monitor Scope Of View

baby video monitor reviewsThe camera can be moved to view any portion of the room with simple controls from the cell phone or tablet. When placing the unit, make sure it is in a spot that will transmit video without obstruction. The camera sits inside a base. Make sure it is securely in place and set it down in an area pointing toward the baby’s bed area. Stand in front of the camera, looking toward the baby’s sleeping area to make sure there are no dressers, toys, or other large objects in the way of the path of sensor. It works well in the dark, but having a nightlight or small lamp in the room can help you see the baby a bit better.


Using the baby monitor with smartphone app or iPhone app will require the person has accessible Wifi. If they try using the unit without a connection, they will not get an image or any sound through the program. The unit can be accessed via Wifi from anywhere in the world. Because of this, it is extremely important to change the Wifi password in the home if the cell phone or tablet becomes lost or stolen. Otherwise, a stranger could open the program and be able to view the baby or the contents of the room. They may not be noticed doing this right away as well, putting the baby and the home’s belongings at risk. Since the monitor can be used anywhere, the Wifi password will need to be changed to the router the person is using to utilize the program. This can be a bit tedious when traveling, but this is a small downside compared to the benefits obtained with the unit.

Smartphone Baby Monitor App Pricing

Snug Wifi Baby Monitor ReviewWhen someone decides to purchase an electronic system such as this, they should take a look at several baby video monitor reviews before making the plunge in paying for one. There may be stipulations making one model less attractive or the price may be too high for amount of features the monitor gives. This monitor is relatively cheap in price compared to others on the market. It does the job in watching the area, giving high-quality picture and sound, and the benefit of doing so from a mobile unit rather than from a plugged in monitor.

Added Features

If someone has trouble with their camera, they can rest easy knowing help is just a website away. There is customer troubleshooting information available right on the baby monitor company’s website, making it easy to get added help if setup is not going as planned. One great feature this monitor has is the ability to talk back to the baby via the cellphone or tablet the person utilizing the camera is using. This allows parents to say goodnight to their little one from afar, helping to sooth the baby to sleep as a result.

In a hurry? Check features and monthly sale prices for the Baby Wifi Video Monitor.