Why An Orbit 3 Digital Hose Watering Timer Might Be Needed

orbit water timerThe Orbit sprinkler timer is a kind of device that transforms your regular water faucet for hoses into a complete programmable sprinkling system.

When you have a garden or lawn, you quickly discover that it is critical to water your plants and grass as frequently as they need it. There are proper ways to water your lawn and garden, and it is important that you learn how to do it correctly. One critical factor that you need to keep in mind is knowing how long plants and grass need to be watered for.

Your plants might die if you don’t water them for long enough. They might start turning to a very sickly color and begin to wilt. On the other hand, if you water too often only at a shallow depth, then the germination of weeds might be encouraged. In addition, the roots in the grass might grow shallow, making them more susceptible to some kinds of plant diseases and drought.

However, your lawn will grow unattractive and turn soggy if too much water is used. When the lawn is soggy all the time, the roots won’t grow deep. That is due to the fact that there isn’t any oxygen in the soil’s deeper depths. Roots need to have oxygen in order to thrive. Using an excessive amount of water also wastes money and water.

One potential solution is to purchase a programmable sprinkler system. However, that can be a complicated and expensive solution to the problem. What is really needed is a programmable timer device that can program your nonprogrammable sprinkler or regular hose faucet so that it activates only when necessary.

You need to have an Orbit sprinkler timer, in other words. It is a great feature that really helps with watering plants for the exact amount of time that is needed. No more soggy lawns or dead plants.

The following are some of its most useful features that have caused many people to believe it is the finest sprinkler controller that is currently available:

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The Orbit 3 Port Hose Water Timer Is Very Easy To Use

orbit sprinker timerIf you quickly glance at the manual you will see that it is easy to use and that you won’t have any problems at all with using this gadget. All that is needed is a few AA alkaline batteries. A low battery icon will be displayed when the batteries need to be replaced. You won’t have to replace the batteries very often, since the device doesn’t use a lot of power. The two batteries provide sufficient power for 4,000 to 6,000 on and off cycles.

Once you have the batteries in, you just need to attach the device onto the faucet, which is a simple and quick task. Tools aren’t even needed for getting it installed. Then you just attach your hose on the other end. The device is then between the hose and water faucet.

The dial on the Orbit sprinkler controller can then be set so it can be programmed. The dial allows you to set the clock. You can set it for how often the plants should be watered, how long the water stays on and when you would like the sprinkler to start. You won’t have any problems with the programming since it has a very large LCD screen with large text that is easy to read. You can set the duration for one minute up to four hours. The frequency can be set from 6 hours up to once every 7 days.

It also accommodates interruptions to the schedule you have programmed in. All you need to do is press a button to interrupt the programming on the smart sprinkler controller.

As an example, if it has been raining a lot, you can set a rain delay in the programmed schedule rather than reprogramming the schedule manually that you already have set up. The programmed schedule can be paused for 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours, just in case it rains for three days in a row. If it rains for an entire week, you can just shut it off.

If you think a specific area or your plants aren’t getting enough water, the manual button can also be pressed and you can just use the faucet whenever you want to. That won’t affect your programmed schedule that you have set up.

When it is time for you to replace the batteries, it isn’t necessary to reprogram your schedule. Even when taking out the batteries, the programming is maintained.

It Is Quite Affordable

irrigation and lawn sprinkler timer by orbitIt isn’t necessary for these kinds of devices to be expensive. The original price is only $43. Some sellers are even offering discounts, and you can purchase one for under $26.

What if you use 2 or 3 hoses or sprinklers? Will you need to purchase 2 or 3 of the devices? If you just have one faucet that is near your lawn, that won’t work.

The Orbit controllers can actually be purchased with 1, 3 or 3 valves. You can just buy whichever model you need for your situation.

The Build Quality Is Excellent

The LCD screen is very readable. In addition, the dial works very smoothly, allowing you to program in different functions. When you connect it to the hoses and faucet, it doesn’t leak. It can also be left outside since it is weather resistant.

Just in case you have any concerns still, the device also comes with a 6-year limited warranty, so it can be expected to work for quite some time.


irrigation sprinker timer orbitIf you have happened to read some sprinkler timer reviews, one thing you will discover is that many of the timers are not so easy to use. Some of the brands have programming procedures that are quite complicated. Some older models don’t even have an LCD screen.

By contrast, the Orbit timer on Amazon has over 1,300 reviews, with two-thirds of these giving a full 5 star rating.

Overall, the Orbit does appear to be very suited for older individuals who might be intimidated by the sprinkler timers with modern designs. The LCD screen has a very simple setup and is easy to read. In the winter, you can just bring it back into your house when it isn’t necessary for you to water your garden and lawn. Then when spring rolls around once again you can take it back out gain to water your plants and grass.

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