Slicing and Dicing: An In-Depth Mandoline Slicer Review

best mandolin slicer Chefs need to arm themselves with some of the best kitchen tools on the market. Some items they can skimp out on (who needs a great baster?) while others are essential to fantastic cooking. A mandolin kitchen tool is useful for slicing and dicing. A mandolin slicer is useful for getting through these sometimes thick but mostly hard fruits.

Home Native’s Adjustable Cutter

Home Native has a full kit available. Their full mandoline slicing kit on is the best place to start for those who absolutely adore their vegetables and fruits and want a fully-functional device with a system for tackling the task. It includes a slew of interchangeable blades, a food container, and a bonus vegetable grater. It comes boxed with four total blades, which should each last about three months.

Gloves and Protection

Some serious injuries could occur while using high-end slicing equipment and tools. Kevlar is bulletproof, but it is not only used for armor. Kevlar gloves could be an impervious addition to any chef’s inventory. Anyone should be advised to get Kevlar or steel gloves to accompany their cooking excursions.

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Some of the Best Mandolin Slicer Products on the Market

Home Native has one of the best mandolin slicers in the marketplace. Their slicer is available at for a reasonable price. Buyers can also take advantage of free shipping offers. But, there are three companies with products that are also exquisitely designed and well-priced. They are:

1. Kyocera Adjustable Slicer with Hand guard

best mandoline slicer reviewsThe Kyocera is a very small hand-holding slicer, which can turn some people off. If a buyer prefers something that seems more durable and has a thicker build, they may want to pass on this adjustable hand slicer. The safety guard is certainly functional. It also has a nice and pleasant design, which goes a long way in helping to make cooking fun for amateurs in the kitchen.

Truthfully, the Kyocera is good as a starter tool. It can’t hold up to a lot of excessive and repeated sliding because the stroke back upward catches food chunks too often to dismiss. For a budget price of $20, it is serviceable. But, chefs are looking for something with a bit more power.

2. Chef’n Collapsible Hand-Held

Chef’n Has Another hand-held device on the marketplace, and their item is superior on multiple levels. For one, the design is prettier. Fitted with bright colors and a playful design, the Chef’n inventory is known for its color schemes that stick out- in a good way. They are also well-known for their safety. The fingerguard is extremely well built, and most mandolin slicer reviews agree that the downstroke and upstroke is seamless.
The only issue worth noting with the Chef’n hand-held is the power needed. Users need to apply some extra pressure to get the cut all the way through in one slice. So the strokes are nice and fluid, with a comfortable and functional curve. But, the device is not built for power. The trade-off is that it is considered one of the safest items in the market. What it lacks in power, it makes up for in being an extremely stable and safe sharp item in the kitchen.

3. Progressive International Folding Kitchen Slicer Tool

mandolin slicer reviewsThe Progressive International Hand-held slicer is built with precision in mind. There seem to be two distinct schools when it comes to the items from progressive International. They are bit with delicate care, and they allow for extremely fine slicing. Unfortunately, that has a side effect. It lacks the power and the punch necessary to get through thicker vegetables, such as potatoes and broccoli. Users found that it was insufficient when tackling tougher tasks. On the other hand, it was extremely fine in cutting tomatoes and mandarins. Potential buyers will have to ask themselves what they use it for the most. It is excellent for crafting wonderful salads, slicing and dicing through tomatoes, courgettes, and fruits. But, it has a fantastic price on It also has a lot of solid reviews, so people are clearly finding the pros outweighing the cons.

What Makes a Great Kitchen Mandoline Slicer?

kitchen mandolin slicerThe best mandoline slicer could be one that cuts in subtle and thin slices for fine cutting. The best could also be one that is function-only. It gets the job done and it costs very little. Everyone’s definition of “best” varies, so it ultimately comes down to the cooking style and the needs. Any Mandoline Slicer Review can detail the pros and cons, but it takes someone who is self-aware about their style to translate that to their needs.

Home Native has, at their disposal, arguably the best mandolin slicer available. It comes with a full kit, and that can be a great entryway to figuring out how the process works. Those who cook need the right tools. They also need to know how to use them. Madarine slicers are not expensive, so it is worth spending the extra time figuring out what products make the most sense for the kitchen.

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