Check Out a Kohler Shower Head Speaker Review Before Making a Purchase

kohler shower head speaker reviewMany people enjoy listening to music in the shower and it’s now easier than ever for a person to listen to just about anything with a Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom. However, because of the concerns of the wetness of a bathroom and the steam produced during a shower, it’s important for a person to find the best waterproof bluetooth speaker that’s easy to use even with wet hands. Below is a kohler shower head speaker review so a person can learn more about these kinds of speakers and what makes them perfect for singing in the shower.

What is the Kohler Speaker?

The Kohler showerhead speaker is a speaker that replaces a person’s showerhead in the shower. Instead of placing a speaker on the bathroom counter where it might not be easy to hear over the sound of the water, the Kohler speaker is the showerhead and can clearly be heard by the person taking a shower.

They don’t have to worry about the volume being too low when they close a glass shower door or when the water’s running at full blast. They simply hop in the shower and start singing along.

Who is This Made For?

bluetooth shower head speakerThis is the perfect Bluetooth speaker for anyone who enjoys singing in the shower or who just wants something to listen to while they’re getting ready in the morning. It can easily be heard over the sound of the water so anyone can enjoy their favorite songs while they’re in the bathroom in the morning.

How is the Speaker Installed?

The product includes both the showerhead and the speaker. To install, a person will need to remove the showerhead that is currently in their shower. They should review the product manual or look online for tips on how to do this safely and always remember to turn the water off completely before working on the plumbing. Once the old showerhead is removed, the showerhead for the speaker should easily fit in place. It includes standard hardware to fit the plumbing in most homes. After it is installed, the water can be turned back on and the speaker can be inserted into the showerhead.

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What are the Kohler Shower Head Main Features?

best bluetooth shower speakerThe speaker is completely waterproof to make it easy for a person to enjoy their music when they’re in the shower. The speaker is easy to remove from the showerhead to charge it and can be synced with Bluetooth enabled devices up to 32 feet away. The speaker can also be used outside of the shower head if a person wants to continue listening to their music after they’re done in the shower.

The device includes a built-in rechargeable battery with up to seven hours of play time.The actual showerhead includes 60 Angled nozzles with a 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate so it still produces the full-coverage spray a person might expect from their showerhead.

What Music Can a Person Play?

This bluetooth shower head speaker can be synced with a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and MP3 players. This means a person can listen to just about any music they prefer in any format easily. They can create a special playlist for singing in the shower or they can enjoy a playlist they’ve already created with their favorite songs. Changing the songs that play from the speaker is as easy as changing the playlist on their preferred Bluetooth device.

Reviews of the Kohler Bluetooth Speaker

best waterproof bluetooth speakerBefore making a purchase, a person should take the time to read the reviews and see what other people thought about the product. For this model, most people agree that this is the best bluetooth shower speaker for the price range.

On, the showerhead has a rating of 4.2 stars out of a possible 5 stars at this time. Those who enjoy the speaker love the ability to use it with any Bluetooth connected device and state that it was incredibly easy to install and produces a loud enough volume. Those who gave the showerhead a lower rating had difficulties installing the device or had issues with pairing it to more than one Bluetooth device. Overall, however, the reviews state that it’s a good product and does exactly what it is intended to do.

If a person enjoys singing in the shower, there’s nothing better than trying out a shower head that plays music. The versatility of the Kohler shower speaker makes it a good option for anyone who wants to be able to listen to the music they love when they’re in the shower without having to worry about having something electric in a steamy and wet bathroom. If you’re looking for a way to sing in the shower, give it a try today. Once it arrives you can sing in the shower as long as you want and enjoy your favorite tunes without worry.

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