Fiskars X27 Splitting Performance Axe Review

best axe for chopping woodThere’s something majestic about warming a home with a wood stove. The labor involved with splitting wood can be hard work but it’s also very rewarding. Being able to enjoy the fruits of labor is one of the best things in life. Splitting wood is a way to get back to basics and enjoy the simple things in life. With the right axe anyone an enjoy the crackle of a warm fire in their home. Unfortunately, not all axes are made equal. Using an old or low-quality axe is not only frustrating, it can be unsafe. A poor quality axe can actually make splitting wood much harder, which means less reward for the work.

Performance Bevelling Blades

Choosing the best axe is about more than just looking for a sharp blade. Those who enjoy splitting wood should consider reading a Fiskars x27 splitting axe review. Designed for those who want more power out of each swing or those with a longer reach, the Fiskars x27 offers amazing performance. It might seem that any axe will work just as well but that just isn’t true. A standard axe is designed to split logs with powerful swings rather than using the shape of the head to assist in splitting medium to large sized logs. An ergonomic handle can also assist the user and allow more power per swing.

Advanced Art Design

It might be hard to believe but the best axe for splitting wood using state of the art design rather than good old know-how. Advanced bevelling on the blade makes it easier to remove the blade from wood. Careful and thorough testing allows for perfected balance, allowing much more power without extra work. Advanced carbon fibre weaving in the handle allows for added durability and even protection from over-swing damage. These modern features make typical axes seem outdated and inferior. Advanced design by some of the most experienced designers of forged tools means anyone will be glad to work with the best wood splitting axe available.

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Fishers x27 Carbon Fibre Chopping Wood Axe

fiskars axe reviewThe blade of the axe is arguably the most important part of the axe. Not only does the steel used for the blade need to be able to hold an edge, it also needs to endure through countless strikes against logs. When forging the steel used in axes it is critical that only the best materials are used.

Only the best steel can be counted on to safely provide consistent performance. Hardened forged steel is the standard for quality wood splitting axes. Features such as powdered finish makes it easier for the blade to slip through the wood rather than sticking. It’s also important that the blade is mounted as securely as possible to prevent serious injury or worse. Insert molding has proven to be the safest and most reliable mounting available.

Old style mounting usually meant trimming the handle and forcing a wedge to press the wood against the blade. These types of axes are known for becoming unsafe if the handle is impacted, making the axe very unsafe after extended use.

Superior Carbon Fibre Design 

best wood splitting axeNot every axe swings the same. Older styles of axes were completely straight. While this allowed the blade to be swung a lot of power was lost. Superior design allows users to get more power out of each swing and maintain more control over the blade. Some axe users might not consider how important an ergonomic handle is. An ergonomic handle allows the user to make more contact on the handle where it counts. This means that when the blade makes contact more force meets the wood rather than traveling down the handle and back to the users hands. It’s also important to choose an axe that helps prevent feedback from the swing. Carbon fibre has proven to not only offer improved durability and help make contact more effective.

The Best Axe for Splitting Wood

fiskars x27 splitting axe reviewGrip plays an important role in assuring safe use of an axe. Swinging an axe is hard work, which means most people will be sweating after the first few swings. Traditional wood handles are typically treated to prevent splinters and keep the wood attractive. After only a few swings the user might feel the axe slipping. If absolute control is not maintained everyone in the immediate area is in danger. Non-slip grip allows users to maintain control even mid-swing. While traditional wood may be more appealing to some, modern designs are safer and allow more powerful swings without increased risk.

High-quality Hardened Forged Steel

Choosing the best axe for chopping wood isn’t as hard as it may seem. For a high-quality axe it’s a good idea to read several Fiskars axe review. Getting honest opinions from users is a great way to see if a product lives up to the hype. Considering features such as an ergonomic handle, hardened forged steel, and a unique head shape make the process more complicated. If the user plans to split wood on a regular basis it’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality axe rather than a cheap solution. Not only will a high-quality axe last longer it can also make it easier to split wood and help prevent injuries. The best axe comes with the best features, the confidence of thousands of users, and the guarantee of a reputable and quality brand.

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