Dahon Speed D7 and Citizen Folding Bike Review

dahon speed d7 folding bike reviewThis Folding Bike Review Will Help You Decide Which One Is Right For You

A folding bike is a perfect option for those who have little space whether they use the bike for transportation, exercise, or recreation. These bikes fold to a compact size that makes them perfect for storing in small spaces.

The smaller folded size also makes them easier to carry. When it comes to purchasing the best folding bike, there are a few factors one should consider before they make their purchase. Shoppers cannot approach purchasing a folding bike with the same mindset as a traditional one.

There are four main areas one needs to consider when purchasing:

Ease of folding

Weight of the bike

Ease of carrying when folded


Though there are different manufacturers and models of folding bicycles, there are three that stand out from the rest. In this folding bike review, bike enthusiasts will have all of the information they need so they can make an informed decision on which bike will offer them the service and convenience they are looking for.

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The Dahon Speed D7

the best folding bike reviewNo folding bike review would be complete without mentioning one of the most popular models of bikes on the market. The dahon speed d7 is a bike that is durable and reliable. It can be folded in fifteen seconds or less and weighs only 27.6 pounds. The frame can hold a maximum weight of 240 pounds. This bike is perfect for those who are no taller than 6’4.

The frame for this bike is hand welded using 4130 chromoly Sonus tube. Reviews of Dahon models of the past have surmised many riders were unhappy with the small level of clearance between the pedal and the road. All clearance issues have been fixed with this model, allowing for increased maneuverability.


Weight is 27.6 pounds

Size when folded is 11.8″ × 30.3″ × 25.2″

Offers 7 speeds

Crafted from forged alloy

Wheel size of 20 inches

With a comfortable micro seat, riders can feel comfortable riding for long periods. Since the bike can be quickly folded, many riders have been able to overlook the fact the bike is slightly heavier than other folding bikes to carry. This bike retails for around $549.

The Citizen Gotham 7

best folding bikeThis citizen folding bike review is also a crucial one to be included in any bike review that is discussing folding bikes. The Gotham 7 folds easily and can normally be folded in less than a minute. The weight is slightly on the heavier side at 28 to 30 pounds. This bike is for riders who weigh 220 pounds or under and are under 6 foot tall.

The bike is made from metal alloy so it can feature fenders and other stylish features without being overly bulky and heavy. Unfortunately, this folding bike does not latch when folded, so it can come out of its folded position if not stored properly.


Weight is 28 to 30 pounds

Size when folded is 33.5″. x 25″ x 14″

Offers 7 speeds

Crafted from Alloy

Wheel size 20 inches

Though this bike is not as easy to fold and carry as some higher-end folding bikes, many riders feel it is worth the retail price of around $319. This most recent model of the Gotham series has become a favourite among riders.

The Citizen Miami

citizen folding bike miamiAnother popular folding bike model is the Miami by Citizen. This is one of the best folding bikes for the price and provides a perfect means of commuting for those who are budget minded. Though this bike gets praise for its price, it weighs more than many other folding bikes at 32 pounds and is not as speedy.

This steel frame bicycle offers full folding ability with the peddles and fenders both folding. This is a bike that is meant more for short commutes since the seat and mechanics of the bike may not afford full comfort on long rides.


Weight is 32 pounds

Size when folded is 35″x23″x5″

Offers 6 speeds

Crafted from steel

Wheel size is 20 inches

This folding bicycle offers many accessories that can be added to improve its comfort and usability. Casual riders who are simply interested in an inexpensive and reliable folding bike will find this is the perfect model. The Citizen Miami retails for around $200.


Those who are interested in having a convenient method of travel, exercise, or recreation will find folding bicycles to be just what they are looking for. These bikes can be used to commute to work and can easily be folded and taken on the bus or subway. Those who are considering purchasing a folding bike should consider the features of each of these three brands so they can make an informed decision on which one will offer them the best service at a price they can afford. With these bikes, riding is more convenient than ever before.

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