A Review of the Charcoal Grill with Rotisserie

master forge charcoal grill reviewsThe charcoal grill conjures images of summer, novelty aprons, and juicy, delicious meats, but by no means is that all. Grills are surprisingly versatile machines. They prepare meats, fish, vegetables, and other foods at different speeds and styles. Because they are outdoors, they are safer and more adaptable. There are other advantages consumers do no know about. What follows is a short, concise overview and charcoal grill reviews of three major brands. These cover affordability, versatility, and reliability.

Advantages of the Charcoal Grill

Charcoal tends to burn at between 500 and 700 degrees, placing it among the hotter-burning fuels. Flammability risk while transporting charcoal is low, making it safe. Burning charcoal infuses a smoky flavor in meats. It is welcomed in backyards, campgrounds, parks, and a multitude of other locations.

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The Rotisserie: Does It Make Meat Better?

charcoal grill with rotisserieMany cooks would answer with a resounding “yes.” A charcoal grill with rotisserie relies on indirect heat, trapping the moisture inside and maximizing the Maillard Reaction. That’s the chemical process that browns food, making the outer layers crisp and tasty. While meat in direct contact with a grill requires flipping, the rotisserie provides slow rotation, ensuring every part of the meat is cooked equally.

To Smoke or Not To Smoke?

For a smokier flavour, a charcoal grill with smoker box is indispensable. It eliminates more bacteria than direct-contact grilling and browns meat the same way a rotisserie does. It is the choice method for barbecue masters. Smoking is indirect grilling that infuses flavour but takes longer. “Low and slow” is the motto of smokers, and there is a reason for this. The longer the process, the better the taste.

The Big Three Brands

Grillers want the best quality and the lowest possible price. This is a difficult balance, but there are many cheap charcoal grills out there that get the job done. Three such grills, the Dyna-Glo, the Landmann, and the Marter Forge Grill are reviewed below.

The Dyna-Glo

best charcoal grill reviewsThe Dyna-Glo grill comes in three sizes, ranging in price from $190 to $350. It features a deep charcoal bed that can be raised or lowered with a hand crank, allowing the cooking temperature to increase or decrease. There is a cast-iron door into the charcoal bed, allowing the cook to stoke the fire without disturbing the meat. It comes with a thermometer gauge which many claim is extremely accurate.

These amenities mean meats can be cooked efficiently, safely, and at various speeds. A removable trap pan underneath the grill makes clean-up easy. A smoke stack is there for those who want a smokier flavour in their meat. Two large wheels and two smaller, rotating casters make it highly portable. The higher-end models (above $350) feature rotisseries.

The Landmann

charcoal grill with smoker boxThe Landmann is for serious smokers. It features an offset smoking box for slow smoke cooking. Larger than the Dyna-Glo, it has a 1,048 square inch cooking space, as well as a built-in side table and storage cabinet. This means cooks never have to abandon the grill to find a forgotten utensil. It is a heavier piece of equipment, weighing in at about 136 pounds (compared to the Dyna-Glo’s 116 pounds).

This grill is also less portable than the Dyno-Glo with four small casters. However, the wheels are lockable, adding a much-needed safety feature. It also features a temperature gauge, and two charcoal pans accessed through steel double doors. This allows the grill to cook at two different temperatures at the same time, an essential when preparing more than one type of meat. This unit costs around $350 (more if the rotisserie option is desired).

The Master Forge Grill

cheap charcoal grillsFinally, there is the Master Forge Grill. There are a number of master forge charcoal grill reviews online, some good, some not. At $199, it is among the cheapest grills. It has an 816 square inch cooking area. It has two foldable side tables, and a mesh basket underneath to store additional items. There are other amenities, such as LED-lit knobs and a temperature gauge. The charcoal shelf can be raised, but not taken out, which makes clean-up more difficult. The ash pan can be removed, though.

One of its strongest features is the wheel system, which is very similar to the Dyno-Glo (two large ones for stability and two rotating casters for ease of movement). At 90.4 pounds, it is the lightest of the three models, in part because of thinner steel housing. While some have called this model a bit flimsy, its lightness and wheels make it by far the most portable. It is the best item for beginning grillers and those on a tight budget. For a few additional dollars, it can be converted to a charcoal grill with rotisserie.

Finding the right grill is a lot like finding the right car. Is it big enough? Is it fast enough? Is it efficient and easy to clean? And most importantly, will it last? Each of these three grills has at least one aspect that distinguishes it from the other two. The Dyno-Glo is the most heavy-duty and easily cleaned. The Landmann is the most versatile, especially for smoking, and has the largest cooking area. The Master Forge is highly affordable, very portable, and a good choice for the grilling beginner. Once customers have carefully examined the prices, advantages, and disadvantages of each grill, only one question remains: How do you like your meat?

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