Read A Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Review Before You Go Shopping

champerlain garage door openerGarage door openers are almost a necessity. The devices make it so much easier to move the car in and out. Once upon a time, homeowners had to manually open and close garage doors. It was quite a task because the doors are very heavy. Further, garage door openers give homeowners a sense of security.

Most openers come with programmable controllers that allow one to remotely open and close the door. It is much safer to go directly in the garage at night, rather than having to get out and find a key. Consumers who are looking for a garage door opener should read about the latest technology.

What To Look For

Garage door reviewers look at power and drive. The amount of power a opener has influences opening and closing speed, and the size of the door it lifts. Drive types include chain, belt and direct. Controls are important to an opener. There are all types from the smartphone-enabled to a controller that fits in the car. Security is an essential element of a good opener. There are a variety of these features to examine. Finally, price is important because everyone wants the “best bang for the buck.”

MyQ Technology

Consumers who are reading garage door opener reviews will probably see “MyQ Technology,” a lot. Most garage door openers are equipped with this technology. What does it do? It allows the homeowner to be away on vacation and open the garage door for a neighbor. The same technology also allows one to turn the lights on when away from home. MyQ can be used to communicate and manager other MyQ-enabled devices. For example, an individual can use their smartphone to open the garage door from anywhere. Just download the app on a computer or phone and start using it.

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LiftMaster 3800 Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

chamberlain smart phone garage door openerReviewers looking for the best garage door opener were keen on the LiftMaster. The opener mounts on the wall which means there are no rails involved. The super 24V DC motor operates very quietly, a plus for many consumers.

This is a smart garage door opener and one can easily program security codes from the MyQ control panel. Plugging it in is not a problem due to the six foot long power cord. A safety sensor emits an invisible light beam across the door opening. The beam senses when something is blocking the door and will not let it close. The Liftmaster comes with a lifetime motor warranty and five year warranty for the parts.

Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener

chamerlain garage door opener amazonThis chamberlain garage door opener review is very positive. Indeed, chamberlain garage door openers are considered the top of the line. This opener is MyQ enabled. It features a belt drive system for a quiet open and close. The battery back-up goes to work and opens/closes the door 20 times. Imagine, the owner can set a timer to have the garage door close in one, five or ten minutes. It includes two remote controls, one wireless key entry and one control panel.

This garage door opener can be used with the Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller. This controller allows the owner to access the garage door with a Smartphone. Other features include:

1. able to tell whether the garage door is open or closed from anywhere

2. close the garage door from anywhere

3. Works with brands other than Chamberlain

4. works with your wi-fi and there are no extra monthly fees

GD00Z-4 Garage Door Opener Remote Controller

chamberlain garage door opener smartphone
Z-Wave wireless technology allows home devices to communicate with one another. This remote controller opens or closes a sectional garage door wired to a Z-Wave security panel. It works with any opener that is attached to a sectional garage door. The controller operates up to 100 feet between the wireless controller or the Z-wave receiver. It operates on a Z-wave frequency of 908.42MHz.

Genie 1022-TH 1/2 Horsepower DC ChainLift Garage Door Opener with Two Transmitters

This Genie is MyQ enabled and has motion activated lights. The belt drive system promises to deliver a quiet performance. It has a built-in auto force-sensing technology that monitors the garage door system and adjusts to temperature changes. It comes with a quick-install rail system that assembles in minutes. It has a battery backup and comes with two 3-button remote controls, one wireless key-less entry system and one control panel.

Direct Drive 1042V001 Quiet Durable Strong 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener

This German-made opener comes with a lifetime warranty and uses a strong traveling motor technology. This devices is very quiet with few vibrations. The secure rolling code technology operates at 310 MHz. Recent chamberlain garage door opener reviews ranked the chamberlain WD962KEV over this brand.

Consumers have to do their homework. But, it seems the Chamberlain devices are a favorite of the reviewers.

In a hurry? Check features and monthly sale prices for the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener.