A Review of The Best Gardening Knee Pads for Work and Play

by Pete from Palmate™

Whether you are working in the garden, greenhouse or around the home, knee pads are meant to be comfortable under various conditions. Elaine and I have been through dozens of styles and brands and people often ask which we prefer? The short answer is — many. Which work knee pads to wear while you do yard work? That’s like asking which shoes do you wear for going outside? We have different choices for different tasks, and gardening knee pads have a long laundry list of required assets.

I decided to make my own.

So let’s consider myself, Pete, and what I require; I’m a full-time dad and husband, and we garden all year long. ☔⛄☀ I am a hobbyist organic farmer, chef and horticulturist, and I spend a lot of time on my knees, on the tractor, in the barn and greenhouse. I am constantly on the move… so neoprene garden knee pads was what I choose for day-to-day, and these were the basic considerations. These were our simple requirements for us and our team:

What Makes The Best Gardening Neoprene Knee Pads?

  • How durable are they
  • How comfortable they are
  • The cost
  • Are they waterproof/resistant
gardening knee pads for work

Our Creation: The Black Palmate™ Garden Knee Pads

a simple design for multiple applications.

Palmate™ Shells are designed to be comfortably worn on bare skin or the outside of pants. Your preference.

They are made from a water-resistant, professional sports-grade Neoprene material that is delicate on your skin and will not bite into your legs as you kneel down. The endless applications include flooring knee pads, construction knee pads, gardening knee pads and some unique uses such as martial arts or dance knee pads (our daughter has used them in classes). The material is sturdy, stretchy and will last many years of vigorous use!

neoprene foam gardening knee pads

Amazon Sale for the Palmate Garden Knee Pads.

I (Pete) developed these garden knee pads for comfort and durability. Don’t landscape your property or work around the home in discomfort and pain. It isn’t meant to be a chore. Whether you are kneeling on stone or brick, or slippery wet grass, you want to remain dry and sturdy as you work away on your garden. You are supposed to enjoy your time outdoors so strap on the best gardening knee pads we can provide you.

I am not the best at talking up our own product, so we asked a few of our customers for feedback for the website after they used the product for a season:

Elizabeth Falcomer

Apologies for the lengthy examination of a gardening knee pad, but I feel they deserve the time. There are many alternatives and options on the market and I have worn through, torn up, and tossed away most of them. I went with the Palmate black knee pads so mud stains would be less noticeable. I am a 70 year-old woman that works harder in my garden than I did when I worked in the office. Knee pads for gardening should never be an after thought and can be considered for any green thumb at any age.

Elizabeth FalcomerRetired, Avid Gardener
Roger C. Walsh

For a man of my age after multiple lower body injuries, I cherish the knee protection they provide. They are lightweight knee pads and in my opinion are the best knee pads on the market for seniors.

Roger C. WalshInventor of the Clear Flow™ Garden Hose
Cheryl Suboni

The cheap foam knee pads with the single strap always slipped so I gave these a try. I was not disappointed and these are now my favorite garden knee pad.

Cheryl SuboniLandscapes in Bloom
  • Water Resistant Neoprene Knee Pad

    professional sports grade similar to wetsuits, and very flexible. Maintains a hydrophobic effect when splashed or sprayed, constructed using a tighter weave so water wicks away.

  • 3/4 inch foam padding

    Expanded polyethylene (EPE) is a widely used impact absorbing foam. It will contour to your knee and provide the softest support. EPE has excellent energy absorption and high strength properties. It is very lightweight, durable, and recyclable. It is resistant to water, chemicals, and most oils.

  • Double No-Slip Straps

    strong adjustable velcro makes one size fit all. Wide straps are located below and above the knee so slippage is minimal. Can be worn on top other materials or skin.

  • Reinforced Double Stitching

    high quality cross-stitching and seam guard protects against tearing and increases water resistance.

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