What Are The Best Types Of Weed Removal Tools To Use?

fiskars uproot weed removerMany reports state that one of the best weed removal tools that can be used is the Fiskars Uproot Weed and Root Remover.

There are numerous reasons why it is important to learn how to properly remove weeds from your garden and lawn areas. The quality of crop are reduced by weeds since they compete for different crop resources like nutrients from the soil and water. They can also be hosts for various crop diseases and provide insects with shelter. They might also produce chemicals that can be harmful to other plants, animals and people.

In addition, weeds don’t look very good in gardens. When people see that there are weeds in your garden or lawn, they probably won’t have a very high opinion of you.

This leads to the all important question. How should weeds be removed from your garden or lawn?

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Weed Removal Methods

weed removalOne way of removing weeds out of your garden that is recommended the most is to pull them out by hand. Tools are not needed and it doesn’t take much time to do. You just need to ensure that you pull the entire weed out, including its roots.

Unfortunately, most gardening enthusiasts are not exactly in love with this method. The reason for this is it is laborious, and you might end up with a back ache and sore hands. It also isn’t effective on all kinds of weeds. For example, trying to pull dandelions out by hand doesn’t work very well.

Another quick method of getting rid of weeds is just using chemicals like pesticides. You do need to be careful when it comes to choosing which chemicals you use. What you need is a product that is able to deal with numerous kinds of weeds but doesn’t cause any damage to your lawn. You also need to ensure enough chemical is applied so that the weeds are actually killed.

However, using chemicals for killing weeds isn’t environmentally friendly. They pollute the soil, water and air, and they can be transferred into other areas by rain water. When inhaled or touched, they can pose health risks to animals and humans. Weeds also have a tendency to develop resistance to specific chemicals. In addition, after the weeds die, they still need to be pulled out.

So what is needed is a way for us to remove weeds without having to resort to a method that is purely manual, and also without having to use chemicals that can do as much harm as good. So that means utilizing mechanical tools to help with the manual process.

Determining The Best Tool

It isn’t difficult imagining what type of features are needed for removing weeds from your garden or lawn. The following are some of the basic features that the best weed removal tools have:

They should enable you to painlessly and easily remove weeds. That involves being able to do it while standing up. That way you won’t end up with a sore back from doing a lot of bending over or get sore knees from doing too much kneeling. Also, you won’t end up with sore hands from trying to pull tough weeds out of the ground.

It should be easy to use the tool. Tools that are really complicated to use are too much trouble. Many individuals who allow weeds to multiply in their lawns and gardens don’t like all of the inconvenience of having to pull weeds out by hand. If a tool is too hard to use, they come up with the same excuses.

It should be durable and last a long time. Flimsy tools are completely unacceptable.

The cost of the tool should be reasonable. Of course, what one person thinks is a reasonable price could seem exorbitant to someone else. However, you need to ask yourself this: How much money are you willing to spend on a weed removal tool that can help you avoid all of those aches and pains that you get from doing it manually and that will help you get the job done efficiently?

You might see some tools in shops and online that are very inexpensive. However, that could also mean that they have a cheap build quality. When you have to buy tools more frequently, you will spend more money overall.

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Recommended Tools

uproot weed removerAmong all of the various weed removal tools that are available to you online, the tools manufactured by Fiskars are particularly effective. The tool that is particularly worth considering is the Fiskars Uproot Weed and Root Remover.

This tool resembles a kind of L-shaped hoe. The handle measures at around 39 inches, making it long enough so that it can be used on weeds that are on the ground without you needing to kneel or bend. It is also lightweight, since the handle is made out of aluminum.

There are claws on the end of the tool for pulling the roots out. There is a foot platform as well for stepping on, so that the claws dig into the earth deeper. All you need to do is align the claws on the tool over the weed, then step onto the foot platform to push the claws in the ground. To remove the claws, you just pull back the handle against the foot petal. To ensure the process is easy to do, the best thing to do is do your weeding after it rains or after you have run your sprinkler for a night.

After the weeds have been pulled out, the handle even comes with an ejector system for dropping weeds into a bucket. So you won’t have to remove the weds by hand.

The following are a couple more advantages of this tool:

The claws are made out of stainless steel and are serrated, which enables them to pull out even really tough weeds. The Fiskars Uproot Weed and Root Remover is quite useful for removing dandelions. It can also be used for other weeds that frequently require you to dig them out before you can properly pull them out.

The build quality is very high. A lifetime warranty is offered, show that Fiskars is very confident in the durability of its tool.

It is satisfying to use as well. Actually, it is quite enjoyable to use. That is something you don’t usually hear when it comes to weeding. However, this might be the tool needed for enticing your teenage children to help you maintain your lawn.

The price is going to depend on who you buy from. Some offer the tool for only $30. There are hundreds of very positive reviews for this tool, so you know that it works very well. It will also definitely last for quite some time.

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