What’s The Best Lightweight Garden Hose?

by Pete from Palmate™

Lightweight hoses are good choices that meet the needs of particular gardeners. I always preface reviews by mentioning that gardeners come in various forms, shapes and sizes, as well as age and ailments that come with age. That’s why reviewing the top lightweight garden hoses was so important to me — any gardener can lug a traditional rubber hose around the garden and manage; but for senior gardeners or those with temporary or permanent disabilities, a light hose could be the difference of gardening or not.

If you browse the Internet, you’re likely to find a number of light-duty hoses, but you are still best off paying a visit to a garden center or home improvement retailer in your community. If the hose can be less than fifty feet in length, if there is water pressure that is low, and if hose or sprinkler nozzles aren’t going to be used, then lightweight hoses can suit most just fine.

What are Lightweight Water Hoses Made of?

tuf guard lightweight hose

The Tuf Guard Knots Up

These kinds of lightweight garden hoses are typically constructed using vinyl, although there might be a reinforcing mesh. Multiple layers or vinyl or other materials might also be present, preventing kinking. Plastic fittings are common on these kinds of hoses. The diameters are often thinner than other options, but the prices are more competitive than most as they don’t look as “tough”, but believe me most are durable. ????

If you haven’t already, read the Buying Guide for the Best Garden Hose. A lot of those products in that review I have owned and used on the daily, and they serve a purpose for me and my outdoor spaces. Some have been recycled. As for lightweight water hoses, I tried to build this review for my Mother, a senior citizen with back issues, and the few that I can consider are below:

The Tuff Guard 

The double helix coil around the hose gives it a bend-ability and stability unlike any other hose design. It is lightweight and semi-transparent so you can flip-and-flow the hose and watch the water drain out after use. Takes time but that keeps the hose lightweight. Also, you can tie it to a fence post, pole, your arm, etc.. and the hose shell remains intact and doesn’t restrict or pinch water flow. Definitely a unique feature.

tuf guard fail***UPDATE*** during the second month of use I must report the tearing of the hose (see image). I deduce it is because of the unsupported point near the fitting and the tear occurred at the weak/thin wall area, no the helix coil. I applied for a refund and the company is yet to respond (it’s been two weeks, as of 08/28/16).

I feel obligated to include updates to reflect my experiences with product or services I review/use. I have omitted the rest of the Tuff guard review, yet left the Amazon reviews that echoed my sentiments, present and past…

Lightweight Hose Reviews from Consumers


And the original positive review I posted, just in case this product is something you are looking for, and you have means of reinforcing the hose near the fittings.

tuf gardenhose review

The Clear Garden Hose by EPI

clear flow website imageMany people have discovered the Clear Flow Garden Hose as I have and you can read the full review here. I have had some qualms with the functionality but I believe this light weight garden hose if used in the right situation, cannot be topped. Even after this season of almost daily use, my wife ???????? believes it is the best lightweight option out there, and we will only discuss that aspect without getting into the other functions and benefits. She believes it is the best garden hose an elderly, injured or disabled homeowner can own for two reasons:

  • the hose retains a flat form once you turn the water source off and it discharges 99% of the water. HUGE for lugging it around the yard. Not a time saver to turn the water off each time you switch up a watering location, but it will save your back (a difference I weighed of 29lbs of my 50ft rubber Craftsman and 6.5lbs emptied 50ft Clear Flow).
  • this discharge hose function can also work for storing the Clear Flow Hose on a reel — and Elaine had to experiment with this as there’s no directions on the Clear Flow website. If you have a nozzle on the end, leave the water in the hose, reel it up, then once its wound up you turn the water source off and discharge. It leaves space but sits nicely on itself and allows for easy removal.

Check the monthly sale prices for the Clear Flow Lightweight Garden Hose.

More Features of a Lightweight Discharge Hose

…because, why not, by Elaine from Palmate™

Roger inventor of best garden hose

Roger Walsh

I absolutely love this hose — and I know my husband has grumbled about the manageability, but for what I do in the garden on a daily basis, it is quite close to perfect. It is fully recyclable. I hope to one day understand how and why… and while in some ways a regular garden hose may suffice to help you water the plants in your lawn and garden, you need to know that you have better alternatives, especially if a light weight hose option is necessary. I have even had conversations with Roger Walsh the inventor of the product, and he has been thorough with his recommendations and open to our criticism.

I have combed through review sites and Amazon and decided to pull the positive aspects from them and provide a summary; there are negative, but I have this feeling they had defective hoses or manufacturing issues earlier in the season. Perhaps I will ask Roger if I get the chance to speak with him again.

An RV Water Hose and Indoor Water Hose?

Sure, why not. We don’t RV very much anymore but knowing the RV hose problems we once had, I can see the Clear Flow being useful.


It comes in different 4 different lengths: 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet @ 5/8″ diameter. And the 100 feet version only comes in at less than 4 pounds. That has a lot of implications when you use it. ***UPDATE*** this hose now has a 3/4″ counterpart. I am ordering one and will report back… I hope for higher water flow.

For one, it makes it easier to carry around when you’re watering the various parts of your lawn and garden. It’s not so troublesome to change position. It can really lighten your workload.

And the light weight of the hose also means that you don’t inadvertently cause damage when it touches your shrubs and plants. That’s in stark contrast to the regular hose, which can really do some damage to your plants.

Portability and Storage

It only measures ⅝ of an inch in diameter. Not only that, but it actually remains flat when you’re not using it. It’s an expandable garden hose which only grows to its full diameter when you’re using it and the water is flowing. In addition, it is self-draining so the water doesn’t stay inside and add to the weight.

What this means is that this lightweight garden hose is very portable so you can easily lend it out to your friends and neighbors when they need a garden hose. The flat nature of the hose also means that you won’t need too much space to store it. You can then use that space for your other gardening tools.

Because of the design and the self-draining feature, this garden hose is by far the easiest hose to roll up and store. The light weight also helps here as well.

No Leakage

For many of us who are used to regular hoses, water leakage is a fact of life. We simply accept that some water will flow out from the faucet. We pay the water bill and move on.

Here’s my buddy Roger the inventor talking about the hose:

A Green and Lay Flat Discharge Hose?

kink free garden hoseSince my husband Pete has given me the proverbial blog microphone, I midaswell continue my review on the Clear Flow garden hose.????????


Another fact of life that many of us have accepted through the years is the constant kinks in the hose. We move the heavy garden hose around, and then suddenly there’s no water flowing out. So we stop what we’re doing, try to find the kink, and then we maneuver it so that it straightens out. It’s annoying, tedious, and time-consuming, but what can you do (besides uttering a choice profanity every time it happens)?

Well, you can choose not to have this problem, because the Clear Flow hose is definitely kink resistant. When this polyurethane hose is charged, it won’t suddenly fold over itself, unlike the regular rubber garden hoses.

I can’t tell you just how helpful this is until you experience it yourself. Suddenly watering the plants becomes much faster and you don’t get regularly frustrated with frequent flow blockage interruptions. It really leads to stress-free watering.

Tough and Durable

With rubber hoses, eventually you end up with some damage that means you need to get a new one. With the Clear Flow Garden Hose, however, you can expect it to last for a very long time. Certainly Clear Flow expects it too, because it comes with a long 10-year warranty.

Part of the reason for this high quality is that it’s made in North America, and not in some Asian country where the labor is cheap and the quality standards may not be up to par with our expectations.

It’s also freeze resistant, as the water flow is rated for up to -10 degrees C or 14 degrees F without wind chill. It’s even flexible up to -40 degrees.

It’s rated for a pressure rating of 90 psi, but it’s been burst-tested up to 230 psi. One reviewer even noted that it didn’t spring any leaks even after a rather harrowing encounter with a snow blower.

Safe to Drink From

When you’re washing the car or watering the lawn in the heat of a summer day, you may get thirsty. Now you may be tempted to drink from the hose, but if you’re using a regular rubber hose then this is not a good idea. But sometimes kids who play outside don’t know this and they may drink from the hose. And often we use the hose to fill the pet bowls with water for them to drink from. Pete covers this hose and other Drinking Water Safe Hoses in this review.

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