How to Choose the Best Pruning Shears | Review

Most dedicated gardeners will tell you that one of the tools that they use most often is their garden pruning shears. This tool is also called pruners, clippers or secateurs.

They help a gardener be able to trim and shape the plants that are in their gardens and lawns to improve their appearance. They are also used for cutting away dead and damaged foliage. They can be used for cutting back perennials also.

So how do you located the best pruning shears to use?

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Types of Pruners

best pruning shearsThe first thing that you need to understands is that pruning shears come in several basic types. The bypass pruners are the most popular type. They resemble a strange set of scissors or pliers. They are small pruning shares that have a curved blade that is used for cutting branches and foliage. One blade is unsharpened and thick, while the other one is sharp and works like a knife.

There are also anvil pruners, which acts like a knife that cuts against a chopping board. Then there are ratchet pruners that are a kind of anvil pruner. They come with an extra feature making it easier to cut through tougher branches. These kinds of pruners do have one problem, which is they are bulkier, making it harder to use them in some tight spots. Another problem that you might have to put up with is that unless the blade is very sharp, you will need to crush the stems instead of being able to slice them neatly through.

That is why the best option for a majority of gardeners is the bypass pruning shears. They provide a very clean cut and are a lot easier to use than other kinds of pruning shears.

Major Factors For Selecting Pruning Shears

gardening pruning shears reviewsProbably the most important and first consideration you need to make when choosing pruning shears is to ensure that the pruner does the kind of work that you need to have done. So you need to have a pruner that can cut small branches and stems. You can read as many pruning shears reviews that you can find that have been written by actual customers to ensure that a specific pruner really performs as it is advertised to.

Determine the type of branches you will be cutting. A majority of pruning shears work the best on light branches and stems less than half of one inch in diameter. You might need to have more strength for thicker branches.

You might end need something larger than pruning shears. You might need to have loppers. Thees are larger versions of pruners. Basically they are like pruners that have very long handles. You only need one hand to use pruners, whereas to operate loppers you need to use both hands.

The following are other pruner features you should take into consideration:

old gardening prunersThe pruners should have a comfortable design that works well with your hand. A pruner with a poor design can result in getting a bad cut. This can cause damage to your hand. Even if there is only a slight amount of discomfort initially, it can lead to wrist strain and hand fatigue eventually.

This factor involves the pruner’s weight and size. You want them to fit just right inside your hands. In addition they should be light enough so that you don’t feel strained ever due to the weight of using them for an extended amount of time.

The pruners should be efficient, meaning they stay sharp for an extended amount of time. Also, the blades don’t get gummed up by sap on a frequent basis. If the blades become gummed up, more force will need to be used for cutting stems, which adds to the amount of work you have to do.

The pruners should be reliable. It is important to know if the pruners can handle different maintenance requirements that are necessary to ensure that your pruning shears are at their peak effectiveness on a consistent basis.

The pruners should have a locking mechanism. It allows you to lock the pruners while they are in a closed position. This allows you to carry them in your back pocket if you want without having to worry about having an accident and losing some flesh. It should be easy to open and close the lock. It you stay closed or open whenever you want it too. Also, it should not interfere with pruning maneuvers.

They have a strong spring mechanism. A pruner that doesn’t have springs is basically gardening scissors, since they will need to be forced back open using your hand. However, the spring that is in between the hand is what pushes the hands. After you have relaxed your grip, the blades open. Having a strong spring will help to prevent hand fatigue.

A strong spring should be chosen so that it doesn’t easily break down and doesn’t accidentally get pulled off when you are pruning trees and shrubs.

Why You Should Choose Fiskars Pruning Shears

fiskars pruning shearsFiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears are considered to have a classic design and have been available for sale for decades. It works very well, and has been modified and updating using modern technology over the years. The Fiskars pruning shears essentially are the exact same high quality product that individuals have used for years.

The pruners blade is made out of fully hardened and precision-ground steel. It doesn’t stick, allowing it to cut through small branches and stems smoothly and easily. This is due to the fact that a special coating protects the blades and prevents the blades from getting gummed up with debris and sap. In addition, the coating helps to prevent rush issue.

Another thing that makes it easy to use the Fiskars is the slightly curved handles. This curve enables our fingers to achieve a more secure grip, with the base of the palm resting more comfortably. For greater comfort, non slip foam covers the handles. Some might find it annoying that the foam covering might slide off. However, a small amount of glue will solve this small problem.

Only light maintenance is required. You might want to use water to clean it and then thoroughly dry it. They should stay in good working conditions.

The reason why a lot of serious maintenance is not required is due to the blades being of very high quality. They have a tendency to stay sharp even after they have been used heavily. They don’t bend and are very tough. They come with a self-cleaning sap groove as well, so that your work isn’t hindered by sap.

Finally, despite having all of these features, they are still quite affordable. They normally sell for around $18. However, it might be offered by $12 by some sellers. Overall, they offer lots of value for your money. If you happen to need pruners for doing some light gardening work, then this is one of the tools you need.

In a hurry? Check features and monthly sale prices for the Fiskars Gardening Pruning Shears.