About Our Garden Product Reviews

by Pete from Palmate™

I spend a lot of time in the outdoors. Walking, jogging, cycling, planting, gardening, watering, trimming, testing… and this has been going on for decades. My name is Peter, and I am more comfortable outside (even when it rains!) than being stuck inside a house or workspace. That’s what led me into a career in horticulture and landscaping.

If you want a brief history on our company (and see my office) go here.

Let’s Review Useful Gardening Product ????

The main goal of working in the yard, garden, field or whichever green space you are fortunate enough to have access to — is to do it safe and smart. These are gardening product that we have all used or come in contact with through the industry. In addition to recommendations to the products that truly stand out as being the absolute best, we don’t necessarily search for the most feature-packed or expensive products. Instead we consider the kinds of features that will most likely matter the most in real-world scenarios.

We Really Want My Opinion To Help

Green Thumbs come in various shapes and sizes, and these days people lead hectic and busy lives. We don’t have enough time to do hour upon hour of research to find the best product possible, let alone take the time to return said widget if it doesn’t do its’ intended job. That’s the main reason why one garden product review takes me so long to post!!!????

Traditionally, consumers rely on company advertising, word of mouth or so-called review websites, which can definitely skew opinion. Those options make it hard to select the best product that will meet your individual needs the best. Anyone can look up specs and features or public reviews on a specific product (which I sometimes comb through and include). You may even be able to figure out what a product’s quality is, if you know something about the features as well as the metrics that are used for measuring it. The thing that is more time-consuming and challenging, is comparing dozens of various products in order to locate the best ones. Quite often, consumers make the decision to settle for less-than ideal and instead opt for a choice that is “good enough.” These products end up in the trash after a season and we don’t want that! ????

While speaking with experts in the field conversations can go into great detail about the research process they have undertaken and how ultimately they decide on the best product for their designated use. Through combining extensive market research with our (so-called) expertise and real-world experience, we can combine the factors that would be very hard for most consumers to do themselves. Sometimes there are rare product that no one knows about that we use, and I look forward to eventually sharing those with you.

Besides Selling Product, How Do We Earn?

We have our offline and growing online store where we sell garden product we’ve designed ourselves. We are unable to design product in the decor, tool, and kit categories for multiple reasons (time and money being the top two). It is a long-term goal of ours to do so and put our heart and soul into it, but until then, we want to find like-minded companies and individuals that are doing something similar.

We meet inventors, industry influencers, and product creators at various conventions, garden shows, via the web, or even at local nurseries. We take their recommendations and criticisms into account when we make purchases, why shouldn’t the masses?

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Many of the products we use are available on Amazon. One thing that you will notice is we have Amazon reviews links included with many of the products that we talk about in our articles. What that means is that although we would love for you to buy something from Amazon ultimately, we don’t have any bias towards any particular product that you select.

The reason for that is because we take a long term approach. If we suggest the wrong products to you today, it means you won’t return to us tomorrow. If we sacrificed our integrity for a few quick dollars, we would be sacrificing your trust for the future.

Then there is the most important factor of all: we are a family-oriented team that is focused on providing the world with real value, instead of taking from it. We want to expand our catalogue of product and provide you with value from owning products from it. ????