The Most Simple Fairy Garden Starter Tips

1. Planning Your Fairy Garden

Before you create a fairy garden, you need to decide the location and theme of your fairy garden.

You can create an indoor fairy garden that you can enjoy year-round in a pot or container. Outdoor fairy gardens enhance your landscape and you can use the natural landscape to create an amazing fairy garden.

Although you do not necessarily need to choose a theme, it can help you determine the plants, garden accessories and fairies that you will include in your design. Ask yourself what your fairies would be doing in your garden. Determining a theme is the best way to add interest to your fairy garden.

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2. Determine the Scale of Your Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens and their accessories should be proportional to the fairies and the surroundings. For example, your fairy’s house needs to be taller than your fairies. Keeping everything to scale will ensure continuity throughout your design.

The traditional scale for miniatures is 1:12. In this scale, one inch in your fairy garden equals one foot in your human garden. By determining the scale of your design, you will have an easier time determining appropriately sized accessories for your project.

3. Choosing the Right Plants for Your Fairy Garden

In order to keep your fairy garden looking amazing for a long time, you must choose the appropriate plants. You want plants that have similar watering and lighting needs. Additionally, ensure you leave the recommended spacing between the plants to keep everything neat. Whether you are creating a fairy garden indoors or outdoors, you need to have the correct sized plants to keep everything to scale.

4. Build or Buy Your Fairy Garden Accessories

Once you have decided on a location, chosen a theme and picked your plants, it is time to bring your fairy garden to life with accessories. You can either purchase accessories online or at a garden store, or you can build your own accessories. If you are crafty, check out some examples online and begin creating accessories for your garden. If you purchase your fairy accessories but do not like the color scheme, you can use some outdoor paint to change the color scheme to fit into your fairy garden design.