Will Your Garden Benefit With Frogs Hanging Around?

frog-blog-gardenIt is an unfortunate reality that frogs and toads are like a number of other species of animal who are seeing their numbers decline. The causes of this vary and are numerous, including human factors, environmental issues, and the climate changing. The direct effects on the populations of frogs and toads is being noted, and they are indications that something is going very wrong.

What a lot of folks should probably know is that frogs are actually quite an essential element of the overall ecosystem. Frogs, as well as toads, are actually quite beautiful creatures, but they also have a lot of diversity. There are around 4800 known species alone, and every one of them can help your garden in one way or another.

Each ecosystem is constituted by a number of species within a larger chain. That’s how nature maintains balance, and in fact that is how life in general is maintained. Because of this, both toads and frogs have a place of importance and deserve protection. So, you should understand just why you should make sure that frogs have a home within your garden. If you create the appropriate conditions and arrange the right features for your little amphibian friends, they’ll move in.

Frogs are great biodindicators, meaning that observing them can tell you quite a bit about your garden and its surroundings. Frogs might show you where and when something is wrong; although if they are breeding contently and living in your garden, you can assume things are going well. A happy and healthy frog population can tell you that your garden is very successful, whereas a sudden disappearance of your frogs can let you know that something has disturbed your plant paradise.

If you live in a climate or have a garden ecosystem that does not support amphibian life, then you can always bring on a placeholder. We offer a smiling resin frog statue at Palmate. You can buy them at Amazon.

Frogs are a tremendously successful form of pest control, which your garden needs if you don’t want harmful insects eating up your plants or making them sick. Just one frog can devour up to a hundred insects, ranging from cutworms and sow bugs to caterpillars and more. Any of these left unchecked can wipe out your garden, but having frogs in the area means you can skip hurtful pesticides. Toads and frogs provide a natural, cheap, and effective form of pest control that also adds a dimension of unpredictability to your garden, as you never know when you might see a few hopping around your flowers, making the beautiful flower petals jerk.