The Top Garden Magazines For Hobbyists & Enthusiasts

Are you looking for gardening inspiration? Monthly gardening magazines can provide you with information on the latest gardening techniques, design ideas and more. You can stay current on the latest garden decorations and accessories. Delve into the pages of these magazines to learn how to care for all of your plants, control garden insects and keep your garden looking picture perfect. The following list of gardening magazines is some of the best in the country.

country-gardens-magazine1. Country Gardens

This magazine is a special publication from Better Homes and Gardens. Each issue is packed with planting diagrams, garden crafts and real gardeners who have faced a variety of gardening challenges. Whether you are just establishing your garden or have been gardening for years, you are sure to find inspiration and information to make your landscape beautiful.


2. Fine Gardening

Fine Gardening is the Cadillac of gardening magazines. The articles feature exactly what a gardener needs to know when they need to know it. Writers from across America contribute information to ensure all aspects of gardening are covered in an easy to understand format.


garden-design-magazine3. Garden Design

Garden Design features some of the latest cutting edge and innovative gardens. Each magazine is packed with gorgeous photographs and detailed information on garden design and plant care tips.


horticulture-magazine4. Horticulture

The articles in Horticulture magazine are informative, educational and inspiring. While perusing through this magazine you will learn how to properly care for your plants. Every serious gardener turns to Horticulture magazine for expert advice on a variety of gardening subjects.

gardens-illustrated5. Gardens Illustrated

Gardens Illustrated is a British gardening magazine that features English Gardens and provides gardeners with great tips on the different gardening styles. If formal gardens and country gardens get your heart pounding, pick up the latest issue of Gardens Illustrated.

Whether you are new to gardening or have been gardening most of your life, the gardening magazines listed above will inspire and educate you. Pick one up today at your local newsstand and learn about the latest gardening techniques, plants and pest control methods.