Pete’s Three Best Garden Hose Picks

There isn’t such-a-thing as a watering hose built for everyone. The world would be a perfect place and the inventor of said hose would be wealthy.???? A quality water hose that works for you will depend on how large the area is that you will be using it in, what you are going to use the hose for, how it will be stored and what your budget is; and when gardening, age and health are factors that you certainly consider.

I have burned through dozens of hoses, purchased them in store or online, and given them and received them as gifts. Some completely surprise me and others let me down. From these experiences I listed in detail my rules (there are six) that you need to consider when choosing a garden hose: Fittings, Flexibility, Strength, Materials, Diameter and Length. I tried to provide readers will have a bird’s eye view of the benefits (as well as drawbacks) when choosing a quality garden hose product.

Yesterday, I posted a lengthy review under the Palmate Review section (Read it here) covering those product attributes as well as making the difficult decision of narrowing it down to the top three hoses.

These hoses are ones I’ve fortunately been able to use every day. Go ahead and try any of these three hoses out and I’m sure it will be a positive experience for you; they will hopefully last for a number of seasons and service your green areas well. I also included Amazon reviews that really stood out for me during my researching. Note: I did avoid the 1-star reviews on Amazon since they have a tendency to be from irrate customers who refuse help from a company’s customer service department, or are the very low percentage that had a manufacturer’s defect.

If a garden hose is high quality, it should last for 5 to 10 years (and also have a warranty). I hear from countless friends, colleagues and homeowners that buy low quality garden hoses because it’s convenient, yet end up replacing it each year. Hopefully you can learn from others experiences… mine included. ????

Happy watering,




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