Pete and Elaine Breakdown Lightweight Garden Hoses

Elaine and I ???????????????? have owned many hoses and purchased them in online or from big box hardware stores, and received and given them as gifts. Some of the brands completely surprise us in a negative user fashion, either poor research and development masked by bloated marketing campaigns and TV ads… and others have blown us away with their durability and operation. From these experiences Elaine and I have three garden hoses we own multiple lengths of because they are the best option we’ve found in the USA.

A quality, lightweight garden hose will depend on how large your yard is and what you’re going to use it for. Where do you plan on storing it? A reel? In the shed on a hook? And probably the most crucial factor: what type of gardener are you? I don’t mean hobbyist or professional… I mean, is it important to have a lighter hose for you? Do health factors and age require you to own one?

We were asked to break the hoses we use down into categories such as the top light weight hoses, or most eco-friendly or drinking water safe, most durable and strong for farm use, etc.. Not only do we have separate opinions, but we have expanded our research AND purchase horizons. It has also led us down a path of using specific hoses for suitable jobs. Kinda like hiring the best candidate for a unique job. An example would be the DRAMM Soaker Hose used to water our garden beds. The days are past where we would manually hose down our plants — we turn on the tap and walk away for ten minutes.

Elaine and my complete review is posted under our Product Reviews area. Check there for more info.