The Perks of Planting in the Fall

brokenpotminigardenThere are a lot of people who think spring will be the best time to plant your pot or miniature in-ground garden. Fall actually has a great deal of advantages when it comes to planting. When you plant in the fall, you are perfectly positioned between the hot months of summer and the frigid winter season. Any plant that is planted during this time will have the ability to get established within the garden bed. You will be able to plant in-ground just as long as the ground is not frozen. ????

Note: Planting in the fall might not be an option for our readers above 45 degrees latitude and in certain areas in Canada.

The roots of the plant will still be able to grow when there are temperatures around 40 degrees or above. Even though these temperatures may feel very cool to you, plants do not mind. During this period, root systems will have a chance to fully develop and become nicely established before the winter comes. If you happen to be in a place where it does not get down to freezing, roots will be able to keep growing, establishing themselves in time for next spring.

Planting Your Miniature Garden Early Has It’s Benefits

When spring makes its way back, your new root system will be able to fully support and also take advantage of the major flush of new growth. When leaves begin growing and budding, stronger roots are then able to tap into the water reserve on their own. You will save time because there will be much less maintenance to take care of. You can also lower your water bill, while also losing less plants to nature because they will already be well on their way to full establishment. You will have much more time to spend on crafting details and creating your miniature garden with this free time. If you’d like to learn more, read our post about starting a miniature garden.

Don’t Buy the Summer Excess For Fall Planting

Always take the time to invest in the best plant materials that you can. High quality trees and shrubbery will come with a root system that is developed and ready to grow. Never get fooled by any bargain plant sales or end of the year neglects. A lot of those plants have been consistently fertilized over the past few months and can crash whenever you plant them in your yard, simply because you are not aware of the level of feeding that they may be used to, or they didn’t receive enough consistent love. ????????