Growing The Best Possible Tomatoes

gardening tomatoesIf you are looking forward to growing tomatoes in your garden, there are some great tips that you can keep in mind so that your end result are fresh, delicious tomatoes. You too can make this next harvest one of your tastiest and biggest ever, and all you have to do is learn some of the best information on planting and care.

When you grow your tomatoes in a sunny location that has well-drained soil, you are going to be able to increase your harvest while also reducing problems with pests. You can even get some amazing results from planting your tomato plants in container gardens using high quality potting mix. To make it even better, add a few inches of organic matter to the top layer of soil just before planting. You will see that aged manure, compost and a number of other organic materials are going to help improve upon drainage and even increase the holding ability of water when you have sandier soil.

???? ???? If you are hoping to have bigger tomatoes and more of a harvest, it is going to be in your best interest to use a good fertilizer. Slow release fertilizers are a good way to help you give your plants a more consistent diet and it can be better for your plants in the long run while also cutting down your workload. If you want to save even more time, you can add your fertilizer into your soil. Once you have prepared the soil, simply wait for the weather to be warm enough and you are set to go. If you end up planting when the weather is still too cool, it can end up stressing out the plants or even delaying your harvest.

When rooting is a concern, take the initiative to plant your tomatoes a bit deeper or in a trench. All you have to do is dig a trench that is around 3 or so inches deep, then remove the lower levels of leaves and lay your plant on its side within the hole. Your plant will then start to form roots all along the stem. Carefully bending the stem will allow the upper portion of the leaves to stay above the soil, and you can then fill the rest of the trench with your soil and then water it.

How safe is your water source? For years we used rubber garden hoses and recently stopped after reading a study done by the Ecology Center in MI. They tested contaminents in many hoses available on the market, most of which we own and use fulltime. We now only use Drinking Water Safe Hoses for watering our consumables. Tomatoes are very… porous when it comes to retaining water. I don’t want phthalates ending up in my children’s mouthes. ????

Many people like to use stakes or towers to help reduce issues with plant disease or insects. You can simply read up on the variety of tomato that you are trying to grow to find out more information on scheduling so that you can pick out the perfect training system for your plants.

Tomato plants that are determinate will only grow to a certain height and then they will stop. These are plants that are good for containers, hanging baskets and container planting. Indeterminate tomato varieties will keep on growing, producing more fruit and flowering until the growing season is over. Of course, this variety is going to do best when they have room and heavy duty stakes or tall towers to grow on. When you want to tower a tomato plant, all you have to do is position the tower over the plant when you put them in. These tomatoes that are given the opportunity to grow with the help of a tower will generally be larger.

For the staking of plants, you may want to allow a bit more time. You have to also be careful when placing the stake so that you do not injure the roots of the plant in any way. As the plant grows, you may want to add loose ties to keep the plant in place. We have an extensive article on Growing a Backyard Veggie Garden here! Check it out! ????????

Always wait until your tomatoes are fully colored to harvest them and you can even leave them on the plant for a few more days after full color to get the most flavor out of them.