Gardening Tool Advice for Pensioners

Gardeners use a lot of tools in their work, but perhaps the single most important piece of equipment that gardeners have is their own hands. You should take good care of your hands, especially as you get older. It is important that you wear strong gloves while you are gardening so that you do not get them cut or damaged.

It can be fun to pull up roots and weeds with your bare hands, but you never know what else is lurking in the undergrowth, and broken glass, rusty metal sharp stones or stinging thorns could lead to a serious infection or an allergic reaction.

gardening tool tips

Even when you are wearing gloves, it is a good idea to wash your hands thoroughly after gardening, to make sure that you don’t end up making yourself sick by contaminating food that you handle with pesticides, other chemicals or germs. Be sure to throw away garden waste when you are finished for the day – especially if you have children visiting, or have a household pet that spends time in the garden.

Take Care of Your Tools

The tools that you buy for your gardening hobby should all make your life easier. Tools that are poorly made, unwieldy or hard to use can be dangerous. Make sure that your tools are the right size and weight for you, well made, and well maintained.

Choose the right tool for the job at hand and always read the instructions for using, storing and maintaining a new tool! When you are using rakes, hoes or shovels, try to keep good posture. If you are using a hand tool, make sure that your hand and wrist are in a straight line. Bending your wrist makes for a weak grip, and could lead to an injury.

Consider Wearing Ear Protectors

When using electrical tools, make sure that they are powered off (at the tool) before you plug them in to the power socket. Never use an electrical tool if it is wet outside. Consider wearing ear protectors or earplugs if you are using a tool that is noisy. It is easy to severely damage your hearing through even short-term exposure to noise.