The Epic Reception of the Clearflow Garden Hose

For the past two years, the Clear Flow Garden Hose has been successful in the Canadian Marketplace, and became available in the USA on January 20th, 2015. The demand for it was overwhelming, and the stock advertised on disappeared within just four weeks.

“It was very humbling to witness! There is a consumer desire to buy healthy and safe product and that fuels my willingness to invent more eco-product.” – Roger Walsh, Creator

I have been working with Roger through the entirety of the US launch, and the sales volume was actually forecasted based upon Canadian sales adjusted for the US market. We analyzed trends and online search volume, but there was absolutely no way to take stock of consumers who might be looking to upgrade their water distribution product. Yes, it was a healthier alternative but not everyone wants to take the plunge, so to speak. As they like to say in America: “If it isn’t broke”, don’t fix it. So, we started to build a brand awareness, hoping that the benefits of our hose would spread and catch on. We were incorrect in our reasoning.

clear flow hose

As it turns out, Agricultural companies were VERY interested in our hoses and they showed their support by buying them by the dozen. The support inbox was always full, and to be honest, I’ve never seen anything take off quite so quickly. All I can say, is that this is an example of what a quality product can do for a market.

Epic Review Guys, Youtubers who are known for unboxing the latest tech/toy products too our hose and posted a review on their channel. Now it was clear that lots of people would see it, with 86k subscribers, but we never expected the video to garner as many views as it did.

The results were obvious, but make sure you check out the video.

Let’s discuss the development of this unique garden hose:

Roger, the inventor of ClearFlow, did not come up with the design of this hose overnight. He has spent a total of half his life in plastics engineering, and it took ten years of testing to completely perfect the design of the Clear Flow. With the engineering and design put into the Clear Flow, it can withstand pressures of up to 90 psi, and it is even lightweight enough that anyone can use it. Finally, the entire hose is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, boasting plenty of other high end, positive qualities. Click here to see Roger discuss the hose more in depth:

Being part of something that has such great potential has always been a pleasure and an adventure. This is a massive, ‘trailblazing’ product, and it is a great start to changing the footprint we leave in our environment. The long term goals for this product are staggering, but for right now, this hose is making all the difference in the world. Palmate Gardening.