Palmate’s Garden Fairy Statues and Solar Sculptures


A Solar Fairy has been Spotted!

Statues and decorations for gardens and outdoor spaces enhance the area, can provide additional light at night, and reflect the personality of the homeowner. They come in a variety of forms, colors, sizes, and themes, with new ones being offered each season. One of the newest garden fairy statues for the 2016 season is an eight and one half inch high solar fairy statue from Palmate’s resin statues collection. It is hand-made, hand painted, and includes heavy fabric for the dress. AND she is solar! This piece is made to last several seasons if she avoids extreme weather and temperatures.

The solar panel LED light allows the butterfly in the figurine to automatically glow an orange light when the sun goes down. It is perfect for lighting up a pathway, adding a glow to the patio, or making the porch steps easier to see. Solar fairy garden statues are part of a larger collection of statues, lawn ornaments, and accessories. Browse catalogs to find ornaments that suit wants and budgets.

Placement Ideas of Garden Decor Statues

The great aspect of outdoor garden statues is that there is no right or wrong place to put them. They can go anywhere, as long as there is enough space for them (and they can be seen). They come in a wide variety of sizes, so some will look great, even in small spaces. A large garden or patio can handle a bigger statue, a marble or wooden bench, or even a water feature, such as a fountain or a bird bath. Larger resin garden statues can provide a focal point at the center of the garden, or accent the end or beginning of a row of flowers, shrubs, or vegetables.

Miniature garden decor works well in small gardens, balconies, planters, or window sills. People who live in an apartment, in a city, or have no yard in which to plant a garden, can still enjoy whimsical garden decor. Placing small garden stakes or figurines in planters can add personality to a flower, potted tomato, or a cactus garden. There are themed kits available to help people decorate a great mini village, landscape, or beach scene, among others in their small spaces. The popularity of miniature decorations is growing, so more and more items are offered in retail stores, and online.

Garden stakes are also becoming popular. Insects, animals, fairies, and windmills adorn short and high garden stakes. They are a fun way to decorate the area while flowers are not in bloom, attract attention to small plants or shrubs, of enhance a vase of flowers on the table. Garden lanterns will also available soon on the Palmate Store. These usually attach to poles or posts, and provide brighter light.

Unique Garden Statues in Interesting Spaces:

Decorations can also be used to set up play areas for children; create fantasy spaces for gnomes, fairies, and sprites; or set aside a place to relax. People can purchase kits, or just get creative and develop their own ideas. A sandbox, for example, can be used as a construction site, a deserted island, or an archaeological dig. Place planters in the shapes of trucks or pirate ships around the sandbox to spark the imagination. String up lights at each corner, place a pirate hat on a stake, or hide plastic bones in the sand. Children can play for hours, get fresh air, and begin to love the garden.

Fairy Garden Statues and Furniture

A fairy garden can be designed with small benches, mini figurines, staircases and doors on tree trunks or walls, and wind chimes. The garden can add decoration to rocky areas of the yard, make retaining walls more attractive, and fill in that corner by the outdoor fireplace. A reading space, or an area to relax, can be achieved with comfortable chairs, a small end table, a swing, or a hammock. There are many statues that have flat tops for the purpose of holding a glass of iced tea, a citronella candle, or a laptop. Catch up on the latest romance novel, get some emails sent, or enjoy conversation with friends.

There’s More Than Just Outdoor Garden Statues 

Wall decor for exterior walls, the sides of sheds and garages, and to hang on fences, are gaining popularity. Moons, angels, animals, and nautical themes are being added to the customary barn stars that have graced homes and fences for the past decade. Hanging them makes the building more attractive to people passing by, reflects the interests of those living there, and makes people feel instantly welcomed.

Solar lights are used for safety and security, as well as lighting a garden. The walkway to the porch or entrance is safer with more lighting. Thieves and intruders are less likely to try to enter a home that has a bright yard and porch. Guests will be able to find the location at night. Solar lights and statues are made of resin, stone, wood, and glass to withstand the elements, and require no effort once they are put in place. They will go on automatically, although some do have a switch for more control, and they will power up during the day.

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