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Gardens all over the world include not only flowers, but statues and other ornaments as well. Things like resin garden frog statues allows a homeowner to add a personal touch to their garden in a way that represents their personality. There is the opportunity to have many frog lawn ornaments or just one or two to add a nice accent. There really is no wrong way to add an ornamental touch to a garden.

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While outdoor frog decor is a popular choice for lawn decorations, frogs aren’t the only option. Anything from lamps to bird feeders offer an opportunity for a homeowner to add a personal touch to their yard. Along with resin garden frog statues, there are also resin fairies, turtle, dogs, cats and even people. This does lead to the question of where this trend came from.

The Origin of Outdoor Frog Decor 

The truth is, no one knows for sure who started the outdoor frog statue trend, but there is some evidence that statues in general have been used for thousands of years to make an outdoor space more beautiful. In Greece, Rome and Italy, statues were made of marble and other stone, painstakingly created by artisans of renowned. As such, usually only the very wealthy had these items around their homes. They were also prominent near political buildings as well.

Bronze was also a very popular material choice in Rome and Greece in ancient times. The methods used to create statues were to either melt the bronze and fill a mold with it, or to hammer the bronze into a shape, often around wood pieces, so that a statue could be formed.

Over time, those with less money found that clay was an affordable way to create statues for their own enjoyment. This allowed people of many classes to have these artful touches in their homes.

Benefits of Resin over Stone

Resin, on the other hand, wasn’t used during these times to create statue art. It had already been discovered at this point, as it was used to create pottery, seal boats and even to seal the tombs of Egyptian rulers upon their death.

Originally derived from plants, it was found early on that even creating a synthetic resin was fairly easy. This led to a more widespread use in the 18th century, to now, for everything from frog garden ornaments to beads for homemade jewelry.

A History Lesson on Affordable Frog Lawn Ornaments

In the 18th and 19th centuries, lawn ornaments, made from clay, porcelain and resin took a practical turn. People would use them as hitching posts for their horses or they would create small statues designed to hold lanterns, candles or torches for outdoor parties and events. This allowed them to create something beautiful for their yard that wouldn’t have to be hidden away when not in use.

The common access to electricity and the motor vehicle changed the need for these types of lawn ornaments, however. But this didn’t stop people from using them to decorate their yards. Manufactures, noticing the trend, began creating a variety of lawn ornaments that had no practical use. Their only purpose was to be pleasing to the eye.

Modernization Makes it Easy and Affordable

Today’s garden ornament is a far cry from what was available 100 years ago. While there is something to be said for handcrafting, it’s not really practical today for someone who wants a lot of pieces in their yard. Handcrafting is time consuming and expensive. Machine crafting allows for precise detail while providing an affordable end product that anyone can enjoy looking at.

It’s also possible to create beautiful delicate yard ornaments that can create a whimsical feel in a garden. Glass globes, for example, would have been clumsy and very expensive in the 18th century. Today, anyone can own glass yard decorations for just a few dollars, and they will be beautiful as well.

Resin ornaments add another whole dimension to a garden as well. They come in a wide variety of colors, they can be bright, muted, fun or classic. They can be used to create clear pieces that allows the sun to filter through, or opaque ornaments full of color and life. There is even the option to have custom pieces created to meet a design scheme. This could be for a party, or a permanent part of any garden.

There’s No Wrong Choice

The beauty of lawn decorations is that there is no wrong choice. Whatever a homeowner wants in their yard, providing it’s not against homeowner association rules, is going to be perfect. It’s an opportunity for anyone to express themselves outside of their homes in a beautiful natural setting. From pavers that create a walkway to floating fairies hung from the trees, lawn ornaments are an excellent way to express oneself.

No matter where you live, you have access to lawn ornaments. The internet makes it possible for you to find the exact thing that you’re looking for. There are even websites dedicated to showing you how to create your own resin yard decorations so that you can create the haven you’ve always dreamed of.

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