Outdoor Garden Decor Ideas, Ornaments, Accessories and Design

Many people work hard on their gardens in order to make it a beautiful showpiece. They take care of their plants fighting weeds and pests to keep them safe, ensuring their healthy growth. They take the time to tend to their garden and compliment the organic with outdoor garden decor in order to make it a pleasant environment.

But some people notice that even when all of their plants are in bloom, something seems to be missing. That’s when they realize that they don’t have any great looking garden decorations or yard ornaments. And the marketplace is full of cheap garden decor that typically only last a season. The right garden decoration should survive the elements, and enhance the appearance of your garden and make it into a truly spectacular space. Here are some new trends in unique decor, that will hopefully give you some ideas that you can use in your garden.

garden resin frog decoration

The New Garden Frog Statue!

Resin and Stone Garden Decorations

When some people think of resin or stone garden decorations, they automatically think of the garden gnome. Well, there are many more items available for people who want to decorate their garden. Animals and insects have been popular over the last few seasons.

A stone bench can come in many forms from a romantic marble style bench to a contemporary stone. You can place your bench in a position that allows you to sit and enjoy your garden space. This is an inviting place where you can sit and relax. A water fountain is another stone decoration that would fit perfectly in most gardens. A water feature is relaxing and can transform a small corner of your garden into a soothing oasis. You can add a pond filled with koi or other fish, that can create a nice place to get away from it all. And remember watching fish can be very relaxing.

Garden statuary, like the traditional gnome, are available in many varieties and re-designs now, from cherubs and animals to children playing leap frog, you can use garden frog statues to add elegance or whimsy to your garden. These outdoor statues can range in size from very small to extremely large.

A bird bath can make a wonderful addition to any garden that has a bird feeder. Watching the birds go about their day can be very soothing. A bird bath is available in many styles, so you can find one to fit your taste.


The New Insect Garden Stakes!

Metal Garden Stakes

Metal Garden art makes a lovely addition to your garden area when placed amongst the plants and shrubs. Butterflies and insects are popular, probably because they are something you naturally see in the garden.

Garden stakes are colorful and bright. This can add level change to your garden, as most metal garden stakes stand a few feet off of the ground. This can be helpful at times when your flowers are not in bloom. The color can help make your garden more attractive.

While insects and butterflies are popular, there are a large variety of garden stakes on the market. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for in your local stores there are artisans that create unique and custom garden stakes.

Garden stakes can be painted or left as bare metal. One trend in garden stakes is the windmill spinners. These small items spin when the wind catches them. Some people find them extremely fun to watch as they twist back and forth as the wind spins them around. You can add one to your garden, or you add several to create an interesting spinning windmill pattern.

dragonfly solar decor

The New Solar Dragonfly Garden Stake!

Solar Garden Decor

Solar energy has worked wonders on garden spaces. You can use solar power to generate light which can allow you to enjoy your garden after the sun goes down. There are many different types of solar lights and solar garden decor available, so you have to choose the ones that fit best in your garden.

Pathway lights can be set to come on at night and light the way to your garden space. These lights are relatively small and often have the solar panel attached to the top. Since the lights come on automatically, you don’t have to do anything to light up your pathway at night.

Garden lanterns are lights attached to a pole. These lights are often positioned around seating areas to provide lights for people in the garden. These lights are similar to the pathway lights and often work automatically. However, some come with a turn-off switch, so that you can reduce the number of lights when you need to. There are new variations of these lights, known as solar garden stakes. They can be handmade from glass, welded metal, or carved wood. They can take the form of birds, insects, animals or figures.

If you want to use other types of traditional lighting, you can install a solar panel in your garden. This solar panel can power a few lights and provide some energy, while the sun is out. If you want to ensure the power does not run out, then you need to connect the solar yard decor to a battery. You’ll also want to use low wattage lights so that you do not drain a lot of power from the battery.

Miniature Garden Decorations

There are many different versions of miniature gardening. One of the most popular involves buying garden tools and equipment that are miniaturized and using them for decorative purposes.

A popular tiny piece of garden equipment is the mini wheelbarrow, which is usually made of wood. This makes an excellent planter. You can also use a miniature watering can as a planter.

At one time it was difficult to find these small versions of larger garden tools. However, lately because of recent trends in garden décor, many retailers are stocking these types of items.

Of course, you can also look to local artisans and online companies for unique pieces that can fit into the décor of any garden. After you buy a piece you can determine how best to use it. Since these pieces are often unique, you can’t really plan ahead.

One way to get these items at a low price is to buy child-sized garden equipment and tools. However, you want to make sure they are high-quality pieces because you don’t want them to break after you start using them.

If you have children, then you can use these miniature garden decorations as a way to interest them in your garden. Maybe if they have small spaces to work on, they may be more interested in taking care of the plants.

solar fairy statue decor

The New Solar Fairy Statue!

Fairy Garden Decorations

Fairy gardens are not just for kids. Fairy garden decorations add a whimsical feeling to your garden space. In order to create a fairy garden, you first need to determine where you believe a fairy would live.

A fairy garden can incorporate many types of garden décor items. You may light the area with solar lights in various colors. You may even string along tiny holiday lights to look like twinkling stars in the sky.

You can add a stone bench to the fair gardens and a small waterfall or bird bath, where the fairies would play in the water. Adding a bird feeder nearby and plants surrounded by garden stake butterflies which will add the right amount of “nature” to your fairy garden space.

A unique element that would add the sound of the fairies to your garden, would be a set of wind chimes. You can hand them in an area where they’ll catch a breeze and you can listen to the sound and pretend it’s the fairies talking to each other.

If you have children you can set up a small table with chairs or if you have space, a playhouse where they can pretend and imagine themselves in another world. A fairy garden is a unique space for a child to play in.

If you have boys, they might not like having a fairy garden, so you’ll have to improvise. You can set up a construction site garden with a sandbox, or a dinosaur dig site. These will stir any little boy’s imagination.

Outdoor Patio Decor, Yard Decorations for Summer 

There are many options available for those who want to add outdoor garden decor to their garden. If you’re lucky enough to have warm climate all year round, then everything will be a permanent fixture! And you no longer have to limit yourself to flowers and garden gnomes. You can create a unique patio decor space that can serve as a relaxing oasis, or as a playful garden for your children. In most gardens, there’s enough space for both.

If you choose to add these decorative items to your garden, make sure to keep the number of items you choose to a minimum. It can be easy to get tempted by the number of garden accents available. So, make sure you choose the pieces you love and decorate your garden in a style that reflects you and your family.

If you decorate your garden as a family, everyone will be able to enjoy a space they helped to create. You can start with a plan; determine what basic landscape items and yard decorations you need in your garden, then purchase them (or create on your own DIY). After these items are set up, then you can start arranging. Add one piece at a time, so that you determine the best location for each decorative piece.

Trending Yard and Lawn Decoration Ideas

Like all elements of design related to your home, garden accessories evolve with the times. In the last few seasons the Outdoor Wall Decor niche has exploded! Nautical Garden Decor is popular in the coastal states. People love hanging rustic outdoor decor on their fences, welded metal garden statues and even mirrors are gaining popularity and it gives the illusion your yard is larger. Vintage Home Decor has seen a resurgence and a lot of gardeners are repurposing antiques or garage sale finds for their green spaces.

Solar lawn ornaments are a booming category! Orbs and insects, such as the dragonfly solar garden stake. The daytime and night contrast for solar outdoor decor makes it fun to play with arrangement in order to garner the best results considering both times of the day.

As each item finds its home, you will begin to appreciate the way the elements of your garden come together to create a pleasant and unique space. Your garden may be sophisticated, whimsical or laid back, but in the end, it will truly be a reflection of you. So, don’t rush the process. Take your time and build the garden space of your dreams.

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