Garden Decorations, Miniature Gardens, Fairy Gardens, and some Product Reviews!

Fill your yard and garden with Palmate’s Garden Decorations; big or small, they will bring charm and well deserved attention to your outdoor spaces. Our products help populate your already lush green spaces or offer an excellent centre piece to build around.

We offer solar yard decor product to sparkle up your nighttime seating area, or provide some guiding light through your backyard when it’s dark out. Browse our site and find some exciting garden ideas, lawn decorating ideas, and read garden product reviews on the new, unique garden accessories on the market. The information gathered here comes from more than 40 combined years of gardening love and hobbyist pursuit.

Palmate™ Gardening is divided into three product catalogues: 1) Regular-sized garden decorations, 2) Miniature garden decor and 3) Fairy Garden decor.

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What better way to get the family in the garden?

For the majority of us, constructing a garden scene with figurines and accessories brings us back to the days when we were young and full of imagination. Original garden design can bring magic to the backyard and be a topic of many conversations!

“No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden.”

~ Hugh Johnson

The combination of growing plants and flowers with characters can build a fantastical world that you can dream up. Your children will enjoy exploring the scenes you’ve come up with… and of course contribute. Turn your garden projects into more than just physical labor — they will be a challenge from year to year, and become an area of collaboration and creativity!  Every growing world is different and there is no wrong or right way to decorate your garden… only your way 🙂



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We created Palmate™ to help spread the interest in gardening and expand the horizons of creativity that goes into it! Whether you want to build a outdoor private garden to enjoy with family and friends or you want to build a miniature fairy garden empire in and out of your home, our online store will give you the tips and tutorials and of course the resources to build.

Handmade & Designed by Our Talented Craftspeople

Palmate’s garden decor product and accessories are handmade and designed by our talented craftsmen and craftswomen. We pride ourselves in developing new product and accessories and offering them at affordable prices. Over the years our product has been shipped all over the USA and Canada.

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